Princeton Family Care Associates
is a multifaceted psychiatric
practice that offers a variety of
comprehensive innovative
treatment approaches specifically
tailored to the clinical needs of the
Your satisfaction both clinically and
personally is our primary goal.

At Princeton Family Care Associates each patient has
a treatment plan developed for their specific clinical needs.

After an extensive evaluation process including a
thorough individual interview, psychological testing and
laboratory analysis, an individualized treatment program is
devised. This plan can include psychiatric medication,
hormonal intervention and alternative approaches that
may include nutritional and vitamin supplements. When
psychotherapy is indicated in the treatment plan, a referral
for therapy can also be arranged.

Treatment at Princeton Family Care Associates often
includes both the psychiatrist and the advanced nursing
staff. Patient preference is an integral part of that
treatment. When more than one clinician sees a patient,
regular meetings are held for coordination of care.

Questions about treatment are always welcomed at
Princeton Family Care Associates. Our practice strongly
believes that providing information and education is
essential to patient wellness.
Princeton Family
Care Associates
Wellness is a state of mind
Wellness is a state of mind
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